For Advertisers

For Advertisers

Delray Media aids in the connection of  brands and their target demographics by building strong engagement anytime, anywhere, and across all platforms.


  • Digital advertising for the world’s largest brands
  • Pinpoint accuracy in targeting demographic and geographic segments
  • Over a Million monthly US unique viewers
  • More than 2 Billion monthly impressions from our network of sites as well as mobile apps

With yield objectives and audience data being the core of our technology, enabling real-time decisions that drive ROI for you, the advertiser, is easier than ever. Our platform collects and analyzes billions of daily transactions on behalf of the top online media and advertising companies to aid in your decisions.

Delray Media enables marketers to efficiently reach prospects at scale and provides powerful metrics to analyze success.

Maximize your digital campaigns with:

  • Scalable Reach
  • Pinpoint Targeting
  • Ongoing Optimization


Here's what others are saying:

Genius...these guys know what they are doing! If it were possible to reinvent the wheel, I am sure Delray would do it.
- Pete Draven, Senior Administrator, In-Touch Mortgage
After 25 years in the Advertising industry I'd be hard pressed to find a better business partner than Delray Media!
- Cal Baynard, Consultant, Net Strategies, LLC